Ecoacoustic special issue in Remote Sensing in Ecology and Evolution

We are delighted to announce the publication of the special issue
« Ecoacoustics and Biodiversity Monitoring » in the journal
Remote Sensing
in Ecology and Conservation.

The issue is edited by Dan Stowell and EAR and features 2
reviews and 6 original research articles on ecoacoustics. Benefiting
from recent growth of the scale of data capture and processing, the
focus in acoustic monitoring is shifting to broader ecosystem-level
questions, while using audio as a prime source of evidence. This is the
main goal of ecoacoustics, and is reflected in many of the articles
featured in the issue. The articles cover a variety of habitats from
deep sea to tropical forest, and a wide variety of acoustic analysis

All articles are open access, free to read and download.
Browse the articles here.

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