The ANR Earscape project, led by Patricia Balaresque (University of Toulouse 3), explores, for the first me, whether the hearing sensitivity (HS) of normo-hearing individuals is shaped by acoustic environmental factors, and more specifically by the anthropophony component. This innovative approach combines the expertise from ecoacoustics, hearing physiology, anthropology, population genomics and explainable artificial intelligence to unravel the complex interactions between acoustic environmental and individual factors.

Participants and collaborations

Patricia Balaresque PI (Université Toulouse 3), Francois-Xavier Ricaut (Université Toulouse 3), Nicolas Brucato (Université Toulouse 3), Yves Cuenot (Université Toulouse 3), Sylvain Cussat-Blanc (IRIT), Evelyne Heyer (MNHN), SylvieLe Bomin (Sorbonne Université), Bruno Toupance (MNHN), Franklin Delehelle (ENS), Jean-François Deleuze (CNRGH) and the EAR team.


ANR Earscape


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