West European education mainly uses visual and written pedagogy, especially when teaching scientific disciplines, as a consequence to scientific method and rationalism. However, this way of learning does not match with all pupils’ and students’ minds. On the top of that, it does lack of a direct and sensible link with the topic taught, which one should be crucial when talking about nature and ecosystems in the modern context of global crisis.

“PePaSon” project aims at testing soundscapes as a main education support. Theory about soundscape ecology, practical with outdoor recordings, all combined with interviews of local people are carried out to drive the development of education programs and of an original pedagogy. These programs are then tested in schools and analyzed to estimate the benefits of this approach.

Participants and collaborations

Arthur Enguehard, Elie Grinfeder, Quentin Aristote, Manon Ducrettet, Méandres group


Auto-funding by the participants. Support by the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle and Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris.


Sound sample

Cayenne, 29/10/2019 @ 19h48