Wetland habitats are renown for hosting a rich and unique diversity that provide several ecosystem services. This richness is even more true for wetlands founds in arid regions where they play the role of refuge islands, in particular for water birds. Wetland bird communities are particularly complex due to a mix between resident and migratory species. The arrival and departure of non-resident species induces important dynamics in terms of species richness and assemblage composition. In this project, we will describe and monitor a wetland bird community dynamics of Kuwait using ecoacoustic techniques. More specifically we will describe wetland acoustic communities using acoustic indices, assess the importance of migratory species in the community dynamics, and test the possibility to use acoustics to estimate the arrival and departure dates of migratory species.

Participants and collaboration

Sarah Obaid, Frédéric Jiguet


Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research


Sound sample

Al Jahra