New project! dB@Astrid

Start of a new project in the Haut-Jura (France) with the Parc Naturel Régional du Haut-Jura and the Université Jean Monnet: monitoring of orthoptera communities to assess acoustic diversity of open areas (gentian meadows) within closed areas (spruce forest).

New paper: What do we mean by « soundscape »? A functional description

This publication, led by Elie Grinfeder, PhD student at the Ecole normale Supérieure and at EAR, reviews the concept of soundscape and, through a functional and source-filter approach, suggests the use of three soundscape categories: the distal soundscape (the spatial and temporal distribution of sounds in a pre-specified area, in relationto sound propagation effects), the …

New project! dB@Py

We have just started a new project in the French Pyrenees in the Nature Reserve Py. We will monitor orthoptera communities over years to estimate the success of a restoration program in mountain open fields. Check out the project here.