Welcome to Sylvain Haupert!

We are very pleased to announce that Sylvain Haupert is now officially part of ISYEB and so of EAR project! Sylvain has already done a great job with EAR research and we are sure we are going to have great fun in the next years!

Opinion about noise at the time of the covid-19 outbreak published in French newspaper Le Monde

We have published an opinion dealing with the issue of noise pollution in Le Monde with Olivier Adam (Sorbonne Université), Paul Avan (Institut Pasteur), Marion Burgess (University of New South Wales), David Ecotière (CEREMA), Catherine Lavandier, (Cergy Paris Université), Christian Lorenzi (Ecole normale supérieure), Fanny Mietlicki (Bruitparif), Jean-Dominique Polack (Sorbonne Université).