Weekly radio short story on France Inter

Each Monday at 14h55 you can listen to a short radio story dedicated to bioacoustics and ecoacoustics. This story is part of the France Inter (French national public radio) radio show La Terre au Carré. The short story is entitled « Le Son de la Terre » (Earth’s sound) and can be podcast here [in French].

Project HEARBIODIV granted by the ANR

The project Auditory Perception of Natural Soundscapes:Hearing Biodiversity led by Christian Lorenzi (ENS Paris, Laboratoire des Systèmes Perceptifs) has been granted by the ANR. EAR is the main partner of this psycho-acoustic project and will lead one of the three main task.

Ecoacoustic special issue in Remote Sensing in Ecology and Evolution

We are delighted to announce the publication of the special issue« Ecoacoustics and Biodiversity Monitoring » in the journal Remote Sensingin Ecology and Conservation. The issue is edited by Dan Stowell and EAR and features 2reviews and 6 original research articles on ecoacoustics. Benefitingfrom recent growth of the scale of data capture and processing, thefocus in acoustic monitoring is …