Here are some videos related to our research.

A shared conference (in French) with the composer Sébastien Gaxie at IRCAM, Paris

A TV interview for ARTE (28 minutes). In French

A conference (in French) in the beautiful city of Montpellier (Agora Sciences)

A conference (in French) shared with Isabelle Charrier (CNRS, University Paris Saclay) about bioacoustics and ecoacoustics. The conference was held at the occasion of the Nuit blanche des of the University of Nantes (2023-02-02).

A TV story about the project dB@Risoux

A conference given about acoustics and biodiversity (Université de Lille) In French.

A conference shared with Hervé Glotin (Université de Toulon) about ecoacoustics. In French.

An interview in a story about noise by the French National newspaper Le Monde

A lab talk given by Sylvain Haupert, giving an overview of his work inside EAR research projects.

A crossed interview with Frédéric Sèbe (University of Saint-Etienne), Luc Abadie (Sorbonne University), and Stanislas Wroza (Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle)

A crossed interview with Thierry Aubin for the French National Radio France Culture. In French

A movie on ecoacoustic research in French Guiana. By Juan S. Ulloa