Here are some videos related to our research.

A TV story about the project dB@Risoux

A conference given about acoustics and biodiversity (Université de Lille) In French.

A conference shared with Hervé Glotin (Université de Toulon) about ecoacoustics. In French.

An interview in a story about noise by the French National newspaper Le Monde

A lab talk given by Sylvain Haupert, giving an overview of his work inside EAR research projects.

A crossed interview with Frédéric Sèbe (University of Saint-Etienne), Luc Abadie (Sorbonne University), and Stanislas Wroza (Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle)

A crossed interview with Thierry Aubin for the French National Radio France Culture. In French

A movie on ecoacoustic research in French Guiana. By Juan S. Ulloa